Judge's Lists for University Awards

Thank you for agreeing to be a judge this year! As a judge for the University awards, you will be reviewing the submitted nominations and providing your decisions in accordance with instructions sent to you by Susan Richards.  This page will direct you to view the list of nominations per award type. 

Step One

Login (BUT READ NOTE) to this website here.
NOTE that upon login, you may be taken to the home page of this website; if that happens, just visit this page (http://sac.arizona.edu/award/judge) again to view the appropriate list(s) in Step Two.

Step Two

Select one of the following appropriate Judging List pages. Each list displays each nominee and allows you to view the letters for them. Note that you will only be able to access the pages you're allowed.

Judging Lists

Step Three

Follow the instructions in the email sent to you by Susan Richards to provide your judging feedback for each assigned nominee.