Amy Miller Co-Recording Secretary

CSC: 1/1/16 - 12/31/19

Amy has been employed by UA since 2008.  She was hired as an accountant with University Research Instrumentation Center (URIC).  When she was working there, that department encompassed both The Machine Shop and The Cryogenics Facility. From her experience in that department she was able to learn about the accounting processes at the department level through various job duties.  After spending five years in that department, she decided to apply for a position within the Financial Services Office (FSO).  She was hired in the Financial Compliance area and started doing reviews and trainings from a centralized view.  She believes that her experience of being in a department gave her an advantage of seeing the accounting process from both sides.  Since her arrival in Compliance, they have changed and updated several procedures in order to allow for a more-efficient communication and review process between FSO and the departments across campus.  We continue to work closely with departments in order to establish an environment where we are all working for the good of the UA.

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Accountant, FSO Financial Compliance